Privacy Policy

Hotline PR is owned by CodeAce IT Solutions LLP. We are a sponsored post and press release distribution portal that strives to offer customers an easily accessible and personalized experience while using our website. This policy details how we may collect your information when you access our website and how this information is collected. It also contains information about how we may use this data, and your rights relating to the data.

Data Protection

When you access our website and services, our servers may temporarily collect and store information for a limited period for legitimate reasons. We do not store the data beyond what is absolutely necessary for the purposes stated in this policy. You should, however, be aware that this information may be stored in databases that can be accessed by other companies, in compliance with the standards set out in this policy.

By accessing this website and registering for our services, you shall be deemed to have given your consent to us to collect, store, and use your personal data. 

“Personal Data” means any information about a person that can be used to identify that person. These include, but are not limited to, email address, password, profile, settings, preferences,  and feedback.

The collection, storage, and usage of your personal data shall be in compliance with common data protection regulations. 

  1. How We Gather Information

How we gather your information is dependent on how you access our website or make use of our services. Some information is collected automatically while you browse our websites, such as your IP address, and Internet Service Provider. In other cases, you may be asked to provide information when you want to register for one of our services. We may also make use of cookies to recognize you and store information from your visit to our website. Further, if we adopt new technology, we may also gather information through other means. 

  1. What Happens To The Information

The personal data we collect is used to conduct analyses of our systems and improve how our website runs according to user preferences.  The information is collected only for legitimate reasons and is used in a manner that respects your privacy.

We also work with legitimate third parties such as data processors and other cloud services for the efficient management of our website and services. These third parties may require your personal data from time to time to provide their services. 

Google, being Data Controllers and Analytics providers, may also use your personal data for their own purposes and to provide analytics services.

When legally obligated or when deemed necessary to exercise our rights, and to safeguard our interests and security, we may also share your data with law enforcement.

Further, in the event that Hotline PR is sold or acquired by a third party, we may be obliged to share your personal data with the new owner.

  1. Your Data Rights

As a user of your service, you have the right to seek confirmation from Hotline PR if your personal data is being used. You also have the right to seek access to such data.

By accessing the website and our services, you are deemed to have provided your implicit consent to collect and use your data. However, you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time and stop accessing our website and services. But be aware that this will not affect the validity and legality of past usage of your personal data.

You have the right to rectify incomplete or incorrect data. You may even request the deletion of your personal data in some circumstances. Some of these are outlined below:

  • In the event that you have withdrawn your consent and there are no legal grounds on which we can continue to use your personal data.
  • In the event that your personal data is no longer needed for the purposes it was collected.
  • In the event that the law requires that your personal data be deleted.

Hotline PR shall, however, be exempt from these obligations in the event that it is not practically possible to comply with them.

Further, Hotline PR shall only be able to comply with requests for deletion of personal data where the identity of the user of the website or service is verifiable.

  1. Our Cookie Policy

All browsers accessing our website will receive cookies. These are meant to improve the user experience and functionality of the website. 

However, you will be asked to provide your consent to place our cookies every time you visit our website using a new browser or the same browser where the cookies previously stored have been deleted.

We use cookies solely for the purpose of improving website navigation.  The cookies help us to analyze the on-site behavior of users and enable us to improve user experience accordingly. 

  1. Your Cookie Options

Since some cookies are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of the website, your use of the website shall be deemed your consent to the storage of the use of cookies on your device or browser. 

If you do not want the cookies to be stored, you may choose the reject some or all of them. However, this would make some parts of the website inaccessible to you, and the navigation of the website may in general become slower. 

You can also manually delete stored cookies by accessing your browser settings whenever you want to.

  1. The Use of Cookies

Some cookies we use are absolutely necessary for the functioning of the website in the technical sense and are automatically placed when you access the website.

Some cookies we use are not absolutely necessary but are used to improve the website navigation experience and convenience by storing specific user preferences.

There are also cookies we use for keeping track of data and for analytics, which help us to adapt the website as per user needs and preferences.

Legitimate third parties approved by us may also place cookies for providing services such as cloud storage.

  1. Types of Cookies

There are different types of cookies we use, categorized based on how long they are stored.

Cookies that are required only for the duration of your use of the website are called Session Cookies. We use Session Cookies to maintain a user’s preferences during an entire browsing session. Once the session gets expired or you close the website, the session cookies become invalid or are deleted.

Cookies that are stored for a comparatively longer period are often called Permanent Cookies. These cookies help recognize returning users. Although called permanent cookies, they are deleted automatically after a pre-defined period.

We also use another type of cookie for communication between internal servers within Hotline PR. These are called Flow Cookies. Flow cookies give a unique identification number to the actual user, thereby removing access to personally identifiable data. They are placed at the beginning of your navigation of the website and deleted at the end of your navigation.

For more information regarding our privacy policy, please contact [email protected].